Do you find yourself wondering…………………
Michelle Hubble, Suvita Yoga & Pilates has had many years experience delivering classes in Western Victoria

Pilates or Yoga? What is the difference?

Pilates is more like exercise, working on posture, core strength, back health and balance. It is a gentle but physical workout on the floor to your individual ability and limitations.

Yoga is more slow flow, relaxation and stress relief. Yoga does help with posture, back health and balance without the exertion. Yoga is a subtle energy output, working with mind and body calmness. Yoga will help with joint release and removing tension from the body.

Is this for me?

This is such an important question as we all have varied     abilities and restrictions to our mobility. Don’t be perturbed by this I can modify my class to cater to any needs even  conducting the class seated in a chair if working on the floor does not suit your needs.

Classes have resumed for the term at BBNC:

Tuesday evenings

6.30pm – Pilates and 7.30pm Yoga

Friday mornings

9.30am – Pilates and 10.30am Yoga

Bring a mat if you have one, water bottle and wear comfy clothes

Call Michelle Hubble on 0425 925 454 for more information